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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between difficulty levels?

Difficulty Level 1-3: These beginner rides are almost wholly on maintained roads. Some of the beginner rides may  include short moderately steep section or switchbacks. 

Difficulty Level 4-7: Intermediate rides generally include some road and OHV trail portions with steep, rough, or challenging trails. A ride may also be intermediate in nature due to its length. 


Difficulty Level 8-10: Advanced rides will generally include portions that are steep, rough and otherwise difficult to maneuver. In some cases, rides are listed as advanced because of the length of the ride. 

What is the fee to participate in the Jamboree?

The fee is $115 per person and $35 for youth 5 to 12 years old. Children 0-4 are free to attend. However, the event t-shirts must be purchased separately. The fee includes three days of guided trail rides, dinner on both Friday and Saturday evening, daily breakfast, event t-shirt, entry into the daily prize drawing  and more. 

Can I get a refund on registration fees?

We understand that it may not always be possible to join us for the Jamboree even after you have registered. Full refunds will be given upon requests on or before May 1st. The process fee is non refundable regardless of the time period. After May 1st a 50% refund will be issued (this does not include the processing fee). No refunds will be issued to requests after May 15th. 

Are there any places to camp or dry camp?

Yes! We have several camping options that are near the Western Park. Including: Buckskin Hills Complex- 435-789-7386, Fossil Valley RV Park - 888-789-6450, Vernal Dinosauarland KOA - 800-KOA-7574, Outlaw Trail Park - 435-781-6000, Steinaker State Park - 800-322-3770

Can I bring my Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) on the rides?

Yes! UTVs are welcome! The Outlaw ATV Jamboree has no width restrictions. 

What if my OHV is wider than 50"?

The Outlaw ATV Jamboree does not have any width restrictions on its trails. 

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Utah State Law does not require helmets for individuals 21 and over in UTVs. We recommend that riders use good judgement and wear a helmet at their own discretion and when required by laws. ATV riders will need to wear a helmet. 

Can I bring my dog?

There are no state laws that prohibit taking your dog along with you on your rides. Please be courteous by  picking up after your animal and keeping it on a leash where appropriate and/or required. 

Where can I download maps of the trails?

We recommend that everyone download maps prior to the Jamboree at Copies of the maps will also be available at the Western park Arena at check-in. 

What is the weather like during the Jamboree?

The weather during the Outlaw ATV Jamboree tends to be mostly sunny and warm. However, due to the varied elevations, there can be significant temperature fluctuations, and riders might encounter rain, particularly in the higher elevations. It's advisable to come perpared for all weather conditions to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. 

Can I bring a non-registered guest with me on a ride?

A guest of a registered rider is welcome to participate as a passenger during the Outlaw ATV Jamboree. However, non-registered guests will not receive the same perks as registered riders and will not receive any of the meal tickets, event t-shirt, or be eligible for the prize drawings. All guests are required to sign the Outlaw ATV Jamboree Waiver to participate. 

Where do I go to get my credentials at the opening of the Jamboree?

You may pick up your credentials at the Western Park Arena (302 E 200 S, Vernal, UT)

Wednesday 5pm - 8pm

Thursday thu Saturday 7am - 8:00am 

What do I do if one of my rides is canceled prior to or during the Jamboree?

On occasion, because of either low number of riders or trail conditions a ride will be canceled or combined with another ride. The Jamboree will make efforts to notify those riders who rides have been canceled or combined with another ride prior to the Jamboree so as to allow riders to make necessary adjustments. 

What else do I need to bring?

Please be prepared for your ride. Make sure you have the helmets and safety gear for your ride, lunch, snacks, camera, jacket, and plenty of fuel for your machine. We also recommend bringing a lawn chair for the Friday and Saturday night dinners since seating will be limited. 

Can I ride in town during the Jamboree?

There are a number of streets in Uintah County that are considered "OHV Friendly." Because of the number of riders in Vernal during the Jamboree local law enforcement is somewhat more lenient riding in town. It is our recommendations, however, that riders do their best to stay on the generally approved routes are must as possible and to avoid major roads and highways. 

Can I switch rides after registration?

Rides can be switched based upon availability by calling 800-477-5558 or 435-781-6765 or via email at 

What permitting is required for me to ride?

Out of State OHV Permits are only needed for machines that are riding outside the dates of the Outlaw ATV Jamboree for those that are registered for the Jamboree. If you are planning on riding before or after the Jamboree you will need to obtain a permit. 

To learn more about Utah's OHV Permits and/or to obtain a OHV Permit please CLICK HERE

Where do the rides start from?

Riders will meet from 7am - 8am Thursday thru Saturday for breakfast at the Western Park Arena. Rides will then leave promptly at 8:30am from their designated parking location at the Western Park. Please Park in this location before hand. *See the parking lot map HERE* 

What radio frequencies will we be using?

Each ride will be assigned a GMRS frequency.  Click here for Frequency Chart

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