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Jose Morris, near the Jensen area starts off with an awesome view of Split Mountain traversing through juniper canyons  with a short walk at the mid-point of the trail visits some Native American pictographs and a short slot canyon. The trail continues to climb in elevation to the top of Blue Mountain, about 2,500 feet above the valley floor. The trail winds around the historic Josie Morris Ranch just east of Dinosaur National Monument. 


** Trail does NOT go to the historic log cabin that is located inside Dinosaur National Monument**

** There will be 2 groups ("A" and "B") each group will run the loop in opposite directions. **

** Vegetation may rub on machines**

Who was Josie Bassett Morris?

Josie Bassett Morris built a homestead in 1913 in Cub Creek. Here she build a cabin and lived on the homestead for over 50 years mostly by herself until the ripe age of 90. Growing up in Brown Park (John Jarvie Trail) Josie and her family became friends with many outlaws including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Those friendships continued into adulthood. 

During the prohibition, Josie brewed apricot brandy and chokecherry wine. She was tried and acquitted twice for cattle rustling and murder but was never convicted. 

Josie was married five times and she divorced four husbands in a time when divorce was almost unheard of. Josie's strong will, charm, and independence, garnered rumors about her throughout most of her life. However, Josie was universally admired for living such a remote and rugged lifestyle.


Josie died from complications of a broken hip in May 1964.  



Blue Mountain area, Native American Pictographs, Split Mountain.  




Difficulty: 5



Trail Length

40 Miles  (15 miles to trail head)



6 -7 Hours

Trailering Info

Trailering Optional. Ride from the Western Park Arena or trailer to the Jensen Trail Head (15 miles)

Please park in the designated staging area at Western Park. See the staging map here 


No restrooms on the trail. Please use the facilities at Western Park Arena prior to leaving. 



Downloadable Maps

Josie Morris Trail Map 

Outlaw ATV Jamboree All SXS / ATV Trails Map 

Interactive Outlaw ATV Jamboree Map 

KML (Google Earth) 2024 Jamboree Trails

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